GENTS’ LOCKER ROOM UPDATE      (From the Committee)

The Committee have been investigating the refurbishment of the gents’ locker room. This is a major project for the club, and whilst the plans are still at an early stage the estimated cost for this project is likely to be more than £50,000.

Before we go ahead with any type of development and in line with the Committee’s aim of engaging more with Members, we would like to put a number of suggestions forward with reference to financing this project.


Firstly the Committee has concluded that Members who have lockers at the time of the refurbishment project will be given priority over a locker. We envisage the number of gents’ lockers available would be 220.


This is less than we have at this time due to the new type of lockers being larger and of a more modern design.

There are some options set out below which range from a simple £1/week payment option through to a prepaid option allowing a discounted one-off payment to be made to secure a locker for a 7 year period.

Option 1 – Member would pay a yearly rental of £52 equivalent to £1/week.
Option 2 – A four year prepaid option for £160. After this period the Member would pay the normal rent of £1/week.
Option 3 – A seven year prepaid option of £220. After this period the Member would pay the normal rent of £1/week.
Any Member taking option 2 or 3 would be entitled to a return of prepaid rent for any full years not used in the event of a Member no longer requiring a locker. The following table shows the average annual rental over a 7 year period for each option:
Option 1              Option 2              Option 3
Average annual cost      £52                      £45                       £31


These options have been presented to Members at this early stage to gauge the feeling as to the best way to finance the upgrade of our facilities and have a locker room of which we can be very proud.

A reply slip can be collected from the office for members to provide feedback and views.

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