Clubhouse Project

Clubhouse Project

Now that the scaffolding has been removed, we can all see that completion of the Clubhouse project is drawing near. I think that all members are aware of the huge amount of work undertaken to reach this point by Jim and his devoted team, resulting in an impressive reduction in cost from earlier projections.

But, of course, however much the saving, the cost has to be paid, and with the mortgage now taken up, crunch time has arrived. Roughly, the Club’s trading account needs to be improved to the extent of £1000 per month. Already the Committee has inaugurated a wide-ranging series of measures to help towards this end, to the point where they have undertaken, and are continuing to undertake far more work than would normally be considered a Committee’s role. My hope today is that as you read this, you will reflect on the increased standards being generated by all of this effort and agree with me that we should all make that little extra effort which will help to guarantee success. In its simplest form, I understand that the Committee is asking us to use the enhanced facilities a little more than we have in the past. Some members are staunch supporters of the Clubhouse facilities, but others are not, and some, perhaps surprisingly, scarcely ever enter it at all.

My own experience is that what is on offer is of consistently high quality and first class value for money. Now might well be the time to give it a go. If you do, and find me in there (quite likely) come up and let me know what you think. I’ll be more than happy to pass comments on, in the hope of rewarding the Staff with a compliment or urging them to even higher efforts.

Meanwhile, Happy Golfing to you all.


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