Changes to CONGU Handicap Rules

Changes to CONGU Handicap Rules

Changes to the CONGU UHS 2014

CONGU have made changes to the handicap system for 2014.

The changes relate to active/inactive handicaps and to the submitting of supplementary scores.

The documents below should make clear what the new rules are, if you have any questions or queries, contact Steve Williams the Handicap and Competitions Secretary.

Competition Handicaps

 The annotation of ‘i’ [inactive] handicap will cease from the 1st March 2014

 England Golf directs that the handicap of any player, in whatever Category, who returns a minimum of three Qualifying Scores in a year from the 1st March shall be marked as a ‘c’(Competition Handicap) (Clause 25.1).

 This will be signified by a letter ‘c’ after their handicap in the handicaps list folder, which can be found in the lounge.

  NB: Once a CONGU handicap is allocated it will remain valid for the duration of the player’s membership of the club whether denoted as ‘c’ or not.

 The club has imposed an entry condition that requires a Member to have a Competition handicap to win all Trophy or Board competitions.

 Supplementary Scores (Clause 21)

Following feedback from Clubs and Counties, England Golf referred the issue of Supplementary Scores for Category 1 players to CONGU. Along with the other Home unions it has been agreed that there will be a restriction placed on the use of Supplementary Scores by Category 1 players and any player attaining a Category 1 handicap.

The date in which the 12 month period starts has been also been changed from the 1st January to the 1st March.

Players in Handicap Categories 2, 3 & 4 may return up to a maximum of ten Supplementary Scores annually.

  • A player in Category 1 with a Non-Competition handicap on the 1st March may return up to a maximum of three Supplementary Scores to regain a Competition handicap.
  • A player in Category 1 with a Competition handicap on the 1st March may not return any Supplementary scores until September 1st and then only as many as required up to a maximum of three, in order to retain a Competition handicap.
  • A player in Category 2 who has returned Supplementary Scores in accordance with Clause 21 prior to attaining a Category 1 handicap will only be permitted to return additional Supplementary Scores in order to retain a Competition handicap.

An acceptable score for Supplementary Score purposes is any score of 18 holes under Competition Play Conditions, playing off the Yellow Tees. The format to be Stableford.

A Member is limited to the return of one Supplementary Score per week.

Any Player intending to return a Supplementary Score MUST signify his intention prior to commencement of play by recording his name in the Supplementary Scores book, which is held in the Pros shop, and paying a £1 entry fee.

If a player who has registered for a Supplementary Score subsequently does not return a card an increase in handicap of 0.1 shall be applied.

A Member may not return a Supplementary Score if there are more than two temporary greens in operation.

Steve Williams

Handicap Committee

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