Clubhouse re-development

Clubhouse re-development

Clubhouse re-developmentA lot of progress has been made in the last few weeks; the roof and upper rendering are virtually finished and we have a nice new sign to welcome people to South Shields Golf Club. All of the windows that are being replaced have been completed with high energy efficient double glazed units, so with the wall and roof insulation we should be more energy efficient. At the present time our gas water and electricity bills are very expensive and this is the summer months so it will be more expensive come the winter.

The first PIR system has been installed in the upper men’s locker room this will hopefully be the first of many in different areas of the club in an attempt to save energy costs. We have electricians installing a fire alarm system and smoke alarms etc with emergency lighting as well. I would like to thank Brian Chambers for the time and effort he put in to getting the parts and putting the clock back in working order, plus the work he carried out on the lighting in the main bar/lounge area thus saving the club considerable costs.

The front porch entrance is starting to take shape and externally is finished. I think the club logo etched into the glass adds a nice touch, once the internal work and the steps are redone we will have a decent entrance way.

The ladies’ card room plastering is finished and it has been painted so that it now looks a lot brighter particularly with the new florescent lights installed; once the radiators are installed the room will be ready for service.

The ladies’ trolley store is almost complete with just a few more hooks to fit and the hard flooring to tidy up. I have been easing a few of the doors to the ladies’ lockers in recent weeks. If any ladies are having any difficulties with locker doors get in touch and they will be taken care of.

The front of the club house facing the putting green is in need of attention with small repairs rust removal and painting to be carried out this will begin shortly.

The area behind the club house and kitchen is being tidied up at the present time and a suitable hard top-concrete or slabs will be installed. Some work will have to be carried out to the walls at the rear of the clubhouse to tidy them up for the neighbours.

The men’s locker room will be evaluated when we find out how many lockers we actually need, as at the present time no money is available—this may be a longer term project, for sure the costs of lockers must go up from the present amount.

The buggy store at the greenkeepers’ has proved very successful and is about full and we will probably soon have to look for additional buggy space. Thanks to Phil for moving the sand further back to ease members parking, Building containers for the sand is on the agenda and will commence as the clubhouse exterior draws to a close The interior of the clubhouse lounge/bar area could do with a spruce up and I feel sure this could probably be carried out during the autumn months so the clubhouse is in a tidy condition leading up to the Christmas season.

I would like to thank my friend John Robinson for the time and effort he has put in to refurbishing the club with me, he is a pleasure to work with and for an ex teacher he seems to be developing some practical skills and common sense although he cannot be allowed to use a saw unsupervised as the club captain Chris Smith can verify.

Hopefully in the next months or two we should see the exterior of the club looking more like a PROPER golf club.

Jim Stanley Chair of Re-Development

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