Mens Team Fixtures & Results

  • Sun
    11:00 amSouth Shields Golf Club

    Exciting start and end to the Mail on Sunday match versus Seaham today.
    Kevin Booth from Seaham holed his tee shot on the first in his match with Adam Howe.
    With the match tied at 2&1/2 each, Paul Gilmour had to play a sudden death decider and birdied the second to send South Shields through to the next round.

    Jamie Pringle lost 4&2 v’s Grant Dixon
    Adam Howe lost 4&3 v’s Kevin Booth
    Jeff Wilson halved v’s Alan Williams
    Steve Galloway won 1 up v’s Sam Pearson
    Paul Gilmour won 4&3 v’s Wayne Henry

  • Thu
    Whickham Golf Club

    Difficult match to start our league campaign this year, an away match at Whickham. Despite some close matches we were unable to pick up any points.
    Results were :-
    Martin McCririck lost 1 down to C Teasdale
    Jonathan Gray lost 1 down to D McCaig
    Tony Galloway lost 5 & 4 to C Sutton
    Paul Gilmour lost 4 & 3 to M Farrey
    Jamie Pringle lost 6 & 5 to J Rutherford
    Adam Howe lost 2 & 1 to I Harvey
    Steve Galloway lost 1 down to L Frizell

  • Tue
    5:00 pmSouth Shields Golf Club

    Tough home fixture against a very strong Boldon side, match ended honours even.
    South Shields 7-7  Boldon
    Martin McCririck halved v's Gavin Nesbit
    Tony Galloway won 3&2 v's Andrew McCarrick
    Paul Gilmour lost 2&1 v's Carl Thompson
    Gary Knox won 2&1 v's Martin Ellis
    Michael Laycock lost 4&3 v's David Conway
    Adam Howe lost 4&3 v's James Gerencer
    Steve Galloway won 2&1 v's Lee Begg


  • Tue
    Hobson Golf Club

    Hard earned points at The Hobson tonight, the team losing 8-6.
    3 games went up 18, all happy to get the away points. 

    Martin McCririck AS v's David Turner
    Jonathan Gray lost 4 & 3 v's Michael Johnson
    Tony Galloway AS v's Dion Richmond
    Paul Gilmour won 2 & 1 v's Ryan Blemings
    Gary Knox lost 3 & 2 v's Kevin Kennedy
    Steve Galloway won 1 up v's Bill Johnson
    Adam Howe lost 6 & 5 v's Gary Scanlon

  • Tue
    5:00 pmSouth Shields Golf Club

    A good 9-5 home win in cold , very windy and blustery conditions tonight. Well done to all players for coping so well with the conditions.
    Martin McCririck lost 4&3 v's John Howarth
    Jonathan Gray won 6&5 v's Jonathan Major
    Tony Galloway AS v's Stephen Liddle
    Paul Gilmour won 5&3 v's Andrew Pratt
    Gary Knox won 5&3 v's Albert Potts
    Steve Galloway won 2&1 v's Peter Shaw
    Tom Wright lost 1 down v's David Jobson


  • Tue
    Ravensworth Golf Club

    Excellent away result tonight away to Ravensworth, good individual performances and a great team effort contributing to an 11-3 win.
    Martin McCririck won 3&2 v's Jordan Bettis
    Jonathan Gray lost 5&4 v's John Parker
    Tony Galloway won  2&1 v's Mark Ibbetson
    Paul Gilmour won 3&2 v's Gavin Purvis
    Tom Wright won 3&2 v's Nick Waddle
    Steve Galloway AS v's Simon Lynch
    Adam Howe won 3&1 v's Dan Candlish



  • Tue
    5:00 pmSouth Shields Golf Club

    Good home result tonight, a 9-5  win over Houghton le Spring. This takes us above them in the league but there is a long way to go yet. 

    Martin McCririck won 2 up v's J Cossar
    Jonny Gray lost 2&1 v's J Ellison
    Tony Galloway lost 2&1 v's G Southwick
    Paul Gilmour won 7&6 v's S Foster
    Tom Wright won 3 up v's J Hogg
    Steve Galloway AS G Bainbridge
    Adam Howe won 2 up v's S Hodgson

  • Tue
    5:00 pmSouth Shields Golf Club

    Excellent home result tonight,  a 12-2 win against Whickham.
    Martin McCririck won 7&6 v's D McCaig
    Jonny Gray won 4&3 v's M Farrey
    Paul Gilmour won 1 up v's Chris Sutton
    Tony Galloway  won 6&4 v's Ian Harvey
    Tom Wright lost 6&4 v's J Rutherford
    Steve Galloway won 4&3 v's R Simpson
    Adam Howe won 4&2 v's J Scales


  • Tue
    Boldon Golf Club

    Tough away match last night to table topping Boldon. Some tight matches but Adam Howe in continuing good form our only winner in a 12-2 defeat.

    Gavin Nesbitt won 3 & 2 v Martin McCririck
    Rhys Thompson won 5 & 4 v Jonathan Gray
    Andrew McCarrick won 1 up v TonyGalloway
    Carl Thompson won 2 & 1 v Paul Gilmour
    Martin Ellis won 4 & 3 v Steve Binks
    James Gerenscer won 2 up v Steve Galloway
    Neil Raine lost 3 & 1 v Adam Howe

  • Tue
    5:00 pmSouth Shields Golf Club

    Solid home performance tonight, exciting last match down 18, Jonny Gray getting birdie to tie with Andy Collinson.
    South Shields 11-3 Hobson

    Martin McCririck lost 2 down v's David Turner
    Jon Gray AS v's Andy Collinson
    Tony Galloway won 3&2 v's Michael Johnson
    Paul Gilmour won 1 up v's Kevin Kennedy
    Steve Galloway won 2&1 v's Ryan Blemings
    Tom Wright won 3&2 v's Dion Richmond
    Adam Howe won 4&3 v's Gary Scanlin

  • Tue
    Crook Golf Club

    Tough place to go to, Crook. Good matches but home advantage told in the end and the result was 11-3 loss.
    Martin McCririck lost 2&1 v's John Howarth
    Jonathan Gray AS v's Geoffrey Morgan
    Tony Galloway won 4&3 v's Jonathan Major
    Paul Gilmour lost 5&4 v's Carl Johnson
    Steve Galloway lost 3&2 v's Stephen Liddle
    Tom Wright lost 6&5 v's Peter Shaw
    Adam Howe lost 1 down v's Thomas Clough

  • Tue
    5:00 pmSouth Shields Golf Club

    Home match played tonight despite all the rain we have had over the last couple of days. Not such a good result for us though as Ravensworth get some revenge for the result we got at theirs.
    South Shields 5 - 9 Ravensworth

    Martin McCririck AS v's Jordan Bettis
    Michael Shotton lost 2&1 v's Joe Fraser
    Jonathan Gray won 1 up v's John Parker
    Tony Galloway won 4&2 v's Glen Hodges
    Paul Gilmour lost 1 down v's Mark Ibbetson
    Steve Galloway lost 3&2 v's Bradley Galloway
    Adam Howe lost 1 down v's Paul Walton

  • Tue
    Houghton le Spring Golf Club

    A tough away fixture to finish off the season, Houghton le Spring away. Tight matches and the 5 points earned is enough to ensure that we remain in Division 2, both promotion and relegation were tantalisingly close.
    Well done to all team players for the effort put in and a special thankyou to Chris for all his hard work in his role as Team Manager

    South Shields 5 - 9 Houghton le Spring

    Martin McCririck AS v's Jonny Cossar
    Michael Shotton lost 1 down v's Sean Foster
    Jonathan Gray won 1 up v's John Hogg
    Tony Galloway lost 1 down v's Jake Heron
    Steve Binks won 3&2 v's Dave Pringle
    Paul Gilmour lost 3&2 v's Graeme Foster
    Steve Galloway lost 6&5 v's Stuart Hodgson

  • Sat

    Team End of Year day

    Saturday 19th September

    Medal, White tees


    M Shotton



    N King


    R Payne



    J Wilson


    C Pearce



    P Crookston





    K Irving







    G Knox



    C Powell


    J Harn



    K Wright


    D Taylor



    K Powell





    L Tate







    P Gilmour



    G Steadman


    R Howe



    S Tooley


    T Galloway



    K Tron


    S Galloway



    A Howe







    M McCririck





    C H Smith





    B Parker





    D Lloyd










    Prizes for Best Gross, Best Nett and Best Blind Pairs

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