Mens Team Fixtures & Results

  • Tue
    5:30 pmHeworth

    Tough start tonight for our return to the first division, an away match against a strong Heworth team.

    Result Heworth 13-1 South Shields

    Steve Binks lost 6&5 v’s Will Marshall
    Paul Gilmour lost 6&5 v’s Jason McGuire
    Lee Auty lost 5&4 v’s John Scott
    Adam Howe lost 6&5 v’s Aaron Scott
    Andrew Stidwell lost 4&3 v’s Dave Moralee
    Steve Galloway lost 7&6 v’s Terry McAllister
    Jamie Pringle A/S v’s Nigel Ralph

  • Tue
    5:30 pmSouth Shields Golf Club

    Another tough match tonight, at home against last years division 1 winners. Performance of the night went to team debutant Gary Steadman who won his match 4&3.  All matches were pretty close and a special mention was made by the Ramside Captain of how his team considered our greens to be in really excellent condition.

    South Shields 6-8 Ramside (A)

    Michael Shotton lost 2&1 v's John Kirkpatrick
    Paul Gilmour won 4&3 v's Matt Stephenson
    Andrew Stidwell lost 2&1 v's Chris Hewitt
    Steve Galloway lost 1 down v's Steve Dance
    Kevin Wright lost 3&2 v's Mike  Finley
    Gary Steadman won 4&3 v's Matthew Moore
    Jamie Pringle won 1 up v's Joe Helens

  • Tue
    5:30 pmDurham City Golf Club

    Another tough away match tonight at Durham City. Good standard of golf played by both teams but sadly no points on the board for us. Hope for a better result next week.
    Durham City 14-0 South Shields
    Steve Binks lost 3&2 v’s Andy Bell
    Paul Gilmour lost 2&1 v’s Jack Richardson
    Adam Howe lost 4&3 v’s Graham Marchbank
    Andrew Stidwell lost 3&2 v’s Alex Robinson
    Steve Galloway lost 6&4 v’s Craig Bell
    Kevin Wright lost 4&3 v’s David Bell
    Jamie Pringle lost 5&4  v’s Dean Findley


  • Tue
    5:30 pmSouth Shields Golf Club

    Home defeat to Boldon last night, the visitors winning the top 3 matches.

    South Shields 5 - 9 Boldon

    Stephen Binks lost 7&6 v's Rhys Thompson
    Paul Gilmour lost 4&3 v's Gavin Nesbit
    Lee Auty lost 5&3 v's Carl Thompson
    Steve Galloway won 4&3 v's Ian Metcalfe
    Kevin Wright halved v's Bob McAllister
    Gary Steadman lost 5&4 v's David Conway
    Jamie Pringle won 6&5 v's Dave Matthews

  • Tue
    5:30 pmSeaham Golf Club

    1st Division competition gets no easier, a loss away to Seaham tonight.
    Excellent golf played though, Paul's opponent started with 4 birdies on the 1st 5 holes then 2 more by the 9th.

    Seaham 14-0 South Shields

    Craig Walton won 4&2 v’s Steve Binks
    David Patterson won 6&5 v's Paul Gilmour
    Grant Dixon won 1 up v’s Adam Howe
    Kevin Booth won 5&4 v’s Michael Laycock
    Sam Pearson won 3&1 v’s Steve Galloway
    Michael Thompson won 4&3 v’s Andrew Stidwell
    Graham Bainbridge won 4&3  v’s Jamie Pringle

  • Tue
    5:30 pmSouth Shields Golf Club

    Match played tonight in the usual excellent sporting spirit but ClS were too good for us on the night.

    South Shields 2 - 12 Chester le Street

    Stephen Binks lost 2&1 v's Paul Ward
    Paul Gilmour lost 5&3 v's Keith Flynn
    Adam Howe lost 5&3 v's Anthony Namjou
    Steve Galloway lost 2 down v's Michael Kimber
    Kevin Wright lost 2&1 v's Neil Bush
    Stephen Tooley lost 4&3 v's Kevin Suggett
    Jamie Pringle won 2&1 v's Graham Taylor

  • Thu
    5:30 pmWearside Golf Club

    5 good away points tonight at Wearside, good performance from all the team.

    Wearside 9 - 5  South Shields

    David Vest won 5&4 v's Steve Binks
    Andrew McCarrick halved v's Paul Gilmour
    Howard Walton won 6&5 v's Michael Laycock
    Dean Taylor lost 6&5 v's Lee Auty
    James Grenshaw lost 4&3 v's Steve Galloway
    Trevor Peat won 4&3  v's Steve Tooley
    Martin Palmer won 5&4 v's Jamie Pringle

  • Tue
    5:30 pmSouth Shields Golf Club

    First of the reverse fixtures tonight, home match versus Heworth. Good wins for Kevin Wright and Lee Auty  and a fighting half from Michael Laycock.

    South Shields 5-9 Heworth

    Steve Binks lost 4&2 v’s Will Marshall
    Paul Gilmour lost 5&4 v’s Aaron Scott
    Michael Laycock halved v’s Jason McGuire
    Lee Auty won 2&1 v's Dave Moralee
    Steve Galloway lost 4&3 v’s John Scott
    Kevin Wright  won 1 v’s Nigel Ralph
    Jamie Pringle lost 2&1 v’s Mark McAllister

  • Tue
    5:30 pmRamside Hall

     Tough away match tonight not helped by the wet weather.
    Jamie Pringle had a good win on 18 for our only points

    Ramside (A) 12 - 2 South Shields

    John Kirkpatrick won 2&1 v's Steve Binks
    Matt Stephenson won 3&2 v's Paul  Gilmour
    Matthew Moore won 9&8 v's Michael Laycock
    Mike  Finley won 3&2 v's Lee Auty
    Jake Heron won 4&3 v's Adam Howe
    Jackson Kneeshaw won 6&5 v's Kevin Wright
    Stephen Foster lost 1 down v's Jamie Pringle

  • Tue
    5:30 pmBoldon

    Kevin Wright was our only winner tonight against Boldon away.

    Boldon 12 - 2 South Shields

    Rhys Thompson won 4&3 v's Stephen Binks
    Gavin Nesbit won 6&5 v's Michael Laycock
    Carl Thompson won 3&2 v's Lee Auty
    Brett McAllister  won 2 up v's Andrew Stidwell
    Dave Matthews won  5&4 v's Steve Galloway
    Bob McAllister lost 4&2 v's Kevin Wright
    Martin Ellis won 7&6 v's Jamie Pringle

  • Thu
    5:30 pmSouth Shields Golf Club

    What a brilliant night for the lads tonight, a win against the league leaders Durham City.
    They have got their reward for the excellent way they have conducted themselves all season.
    Wins for Steve Binks, Steve Tooley, Steve Galloway, Jamie Pringle and Gary Steadman.

    Well done also to Chris Smith for all his hard work with the team.

    South Shields 10-4 Durham City
    Steve Binks won 1 up v’s Jack Richardson
    Michael Laycock lost 3&2 v’s Andy Bell
    Andrew Stidwell lost 7&6 v’s Alex Robinson
    Steve Galloway won 1 up v’s Chris Brown
    Jamie Pringle won 4&3 v’s Craig Bell
    Gary Steadman won 3&2 v’s David Bell
    Steve Tooley won 2&1 v's Dean Findley

  • Tue
    5:30 pmSouth Shields Golf Club

    Terrific performance once again from the team tonight. A second win and this time against second top in the league.

    South Shields 8 - 6  Seaham

    Steve Binks won 2&1 v’s Craig Walton
    Chris Oliver won 2&1 v's Grant Dixon
    Lee Auty lost 4&3 v's Kevin Booth
    Jamie Pringle won 6&5 v’s Alan Williams
    Steve Galloway  lost 3&2 v’s Michael Thompson
    Kevin Wright halved v's Sam Pearson
    Andrew Stidwell  halved v’s Graham Bainbridge

  • Tue
    5:30 pmSouth Shields Golf Club

    Last home game of the season and honours shared with Wearside who are likely to go down to Div 2 with us for next season.

    South Shields 7-7 Wearside

    Steve Binks won 5&4 v's David Vest
    Paul Gilmour lost 4&3 v's Andrew McCarrick
    Jamie Pringle halved v's Michael Calvert
    Michael Laycock lost 4&3 v's Martin Palmer
    Adam Howe lost 3&2 v's Stuart Nixon
    Steve Galloway won 4&3 v's Howard Walton
    Kevin Wright won 5&4 v's Paul Carl

  • Tue
    5:30 pmChester le Street Golf Club

    Unfortunately tonight we finished our league season the way we started it with a 14-0 away defeat.
    The Chester le Street side played really well tonight and almost all of our players were hit by a barrage of birdies.
    As ever this season the team did their best and accepted results with the best of sporting spirit.
    The high points for the season were a 10-4 win against eventual league winners Durham City and an 8-6 win against 3rd top team Seaham.
    Thanks to all the team for turning out each week and representing the Club. To the caddies also, thanks for giving their time and supporting the players.
    The person who deserves most thanks though is Chris Smith. He has done a great job organising the team each week and has done his best to keep the morale of the team high.

    Full results from tonight are:

    Stephen Binks lost 2&1 v's Keith Flynn
    Paul Gilmour lost 5&4 v's  Kevin Suggett
    Jamie Pringle lost 9&8 v's Anthony Namjou
    Steve Galloway lost 3&2 v's Alex Carr
    Kevin Wright lost 8&7 v's Paul Ward
    Andrew Stidwell lost 7&5 v's Michael Kimber
    Lee Auty lost 3&2 v's Neil Bush


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