Note from the Lady Captain

Note from the Lady Captain

NewsAnother busy but pleasurable month of my Captaincy has flown by.

I am delighted that Sheila Robinson has agreed to be Vice Captain for the remainder of my term of office. It is a real bonus to have someone with so much enthusiasm for the Club alongside me. The main event for me has to be Lady Captain’s Day which was on Tuesday 16 July 2013, and what a sunny day it was. Thanks to all who took part and assisted on the day: I was delighted that our Captain, Chris Smith, was able to be there to see all of the ladies tee off and his help was much appreciated by my husband, Ted. Thanks also for the kind notes and words from those who were unable, for a variety of reasons, to be there. I really appreciated seeing so many people on the day, and hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

We have now played the last of our A Team Matches. There are still 3 B Team Matches to play, 2 of which are at home. Again, my appreciation goes to all of the ladies who have been able to give their time to support the Teams.

The Ladies Section is very pleased to announce that their Secretary, Christine Mair, has been nominated to be the next Vice-Captain of Durham County Ladies Golf Association. This is a two year appointment followed by two years as County Captain. She will be the third lady from South Shields Golf Club to hold that position following in the footsteps of Diana Elsy (2004/2005) and Marjorie Bates (2006/2007). We all wish her a most enjoyable four years.

Let’s hope the sun keeps shining for the rest of the season – wouldn’t that be wonderful! I am keeping everything crossed.

Bye for now – Irene Austin, Lady Captain

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