Online Booking System – Members Forum

Online Booking System – Members Forum

Does anyone really like change? Probably not but time moves on and new systems become available. To this end your committee has decided to look closely at introducing the BRS system.


The BRS system is used by over 1,300 golf clubs in the UK (including many local clubs) and provides a range of useful tools to both the club and its members, including an on-line and real time booking system, on-line payment facility for visitors and improved management information.


As usual the rumour mill has been very active and we are hearing all sorts of stories about how adversely the system will affect members. Well, for every argument against it there is a counter argument for it. To this end the committee would like to invite you to an open forum on Monday 23 January in the clubhouse at 6.30.


At the forum you will have the opportunity to see how the system CAN work for the benefit of the Club and YOU, THE MEMBERS and ask questions. A final decision has not yet been reached by the committee and feedback from members will be taken seriously, however, to be clear this event is not intended to be a vote on the matter.


The committee’s thoughts are that the system will be introduced very gradually. Initially it will be used for competition entries and visitors, but the visitors’ times will be strictly monitored in order to ensure members are not disadvantaged. Members will still be able to book competitions through the professional, the computer in the clubhouse and the office.


Some of the perceived benefits to the Club are:

  • We can easily track the payment status of bookings
  • We can build a marketable data base
  • We can increase revenue by promoting events within the Club and advertising offers to members
  • We can maximise course usage without impacting members
  • It is very simple to use and make bookings
  • We ensure compliance with CASC



The Committee

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