Card of the Course

HoleYardsParSIYardsLadies YdsParSI
HoleYardsParSIYardsLadies YdsParSI

Hole 1 – 176 yards Par 3

Testing opening hole. Long iron required to a well bunkered green. Out of bounds left.

Hole 2 – 343 yards Par 4

Straight hole, position important off the tee. Good second shot required into well protected green.

Hole 3 – 380 yards Par 4

Fairway bunkers left and right. Straight second shot required to avoid greenside bunkers.

Hole 4 – 418 yards Par 4

Long par 4 with bunkers to catch wayward tee shots. Long second to green.

Hole 5 – 189 yards Par 3

Long par 3 requiring long iron or wood to heavily bunkered narrow green.

Hole 6 – 518 yards Par 5

Out of bounds right forces tee shots towards rough and bunker on left. Out of bounds threatens second shots. Good 3rd shot to hold fast green.

Hole 7 – 459 yards Par 4

Stroke index 1 and often plays as such. Straight drive required then long blind second. Aim for marker behind green.

Hole 8 – 485 yards Par 5

Straight drive required again then play short of two cross bunkers protecting the approach to a tiered green. Tricky pitch as ground to right of green falls away sharply.

Hole 9 – 342 yards Par 4

The tee shot is demanding and half blind from the medal tee. Aim at the bunker on the left corner of the fairway for the best line into the green.

Hole 10 – 170 yards Par 3

Tough green to hit with out of bounds on right, gorse bushes left and 4 bunkers around the green.

Hole 11 – 322 yards Par 4

Mid/long iron to corner of dog leg, go short or long depending on pin position. Tricky two tier green.

Hole 12 – 490 yards Par 5

Out of bounds all along the right. Three well placed bunkers to catch second shots. Green slopes back to front.

Hole 13 – 156 yards Par 3

Tee off from highest point on course or from new tee on left of 12th green. Out of bounds on right. Club selection very much influenced by wind strength and direction.

Hole 14 – 456 yards Par 4

Many regard this as the hardest hole on course. Stroke index 2. Well placed bunkers to catch second shots. Green farther behind brow of hill than it appears.

Hole 15 – 279 yards Par 4

Short par 4. Out of bounds threatens on left. Driveable with favourable wind conditions.

Hole 16 – 369 yards Par 4

Dog leg par 4 where accurate tee shot required to left of three fairway bunkers. Good second shot needed to hit a difficult sloping green.

Hole 17 – 392 yards Par 4

The new 17th green came into play in 2006. Arguably now an even more challenging 2nd shot than before with a narrow entrance to the green protected left and right by bunkers not visible from back on the fairway.

Hole 18 – 351 yards Par 4

A great challenge off the medal tee. Avoid out of bounds and gorse (left) and bunkers (right) and there’s a real birdie chance.

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