Card of the Course

HoleYardsParSIYardsLadies YdsParSI
HoleYardsParSIYardsLadies YdsParSI

Hole 1 – 176 yards Par 3

A testing Par 3 to start, it doesn’t play as long as you think, if you go in the front bunker take your lunchbox you may be in their a while. Pitch short right and see the ball roll into the flag

Hole 2 – 343 yards Par 4

It is a straight hole but the medal tee tucked close to the OOB changes the hole. The green is not as big as you might thing watch out for the bunkers either side they are deep and a challenge in there own right

Hole 3 – 380 yards Par 4

Fairway bunker left will catch a pulled tee shot, hit it straight and long tee shot will leave you a mid iron into the green dependent on the wind direction. Anything right off the tee will make the second shot a tricky one over a tough green side bunker

Hole 4 – 418 yards Par 4

Long Par 4 and into the wind it will take two good hits and a bit more. Between the bunker is the target. No bunkers green side but an up and down will still be difficult

Hole 5 – 189 yards Par 3

This long par 3 is not stroke 5 for no reason, requiring long iron or wood to heavily bunkered narrow green.

Hole 6 – 518 yards Par 5

Out of bounds all down the right side forces tee shots and second shots left into the wispy rough. It’s downhill after the rise so plays a lot shorter than you would think. Play your approach shot short and see the ball roll into the middle of the green

Hole 7 – 459 yards Par 4

Stroke index 1 with no bunkers, You can expect this hole to bite if you have a wayward tee shot, its usually only a long to mid iron dependent on the wind. Weather vane behind the green gives you the line.

Hole 8 – 485 yards Par 5

A good par 5, a straight drive will  leave a long iron or wood to the green. However beware, you can only see the top of the flag, the green is a true Mackenzie, two tiers with many undulations a direct line is over the left side rough with a ball landing in the rough and falling away onto the green. Or play it as a 3 shot approach but beware of the two bunkers ready to catch the ball short of the green

Hole 9 – 342 yards Par 4

Two holes in one here and dependent on the wind , provides a real risk and reward tee shot if you hit the big stick, most lay up short of the bunkers and accept they hit one or two clubs more. Hit the two tier green in the middle and a birdie awaits

Hole 10 – 170 yards Par 3

Tough little Par 3 with a green that bowls in the middle you maybe hitting a blind shot over the course dependent on which tee you are on. With a following wind it can be as little as a 9 iron

Hole 11 – 322 yards Par 4

Risk or reward it is how brave you feel. The green is reachable for the long ball, most play short of the bunkers and leave them selves a long iron into a well protected undulating greens . If the flags is back right make sure you aim for the left side of the green as it all runs away to the right

Hole 12 – 490 yards Par 5

Big Par 5. Into the wind this hole plays driver and two 3 woods, fairway bunkers are there to trap you with a mishit a tight green entrance makes the approach shot tricky. With no wind it can be reached in two and an easy birdie awaits or even an eagle opportunity. It is a make or break hole for sure.

Hole 13 – 156 yards Par 3

Protected by 7 bunkers this Par 3 plays easiest from the right hand tee box which happens to be the highest point in South Shields you can see Sunderland and Newcastle footballs grounds on a clear day.

Play from the left tee and the tee shot calls for point point accuracy as you fly it over 4 bunkers

Hole 14 – 456 yards Par 4

Stroke 2 and its two big hits into the wind the green is unseen buy for the flag so aim for the lollipop . OOB left over the wall so the natural shot is right and you have two beasts of bunkers ready to catch your ball.

Hole 15 – 279 yards Par 4

Short Par 4 easiest hole on the course but with OOB on the left and a bunker to the right it has ruined many a card. The green is drive able with a favourable wind.

Hole 16 – 369 yards Par 4

You have to cross the 17th approach to get to this hole so be careful, On the tee you are faced with a dog leg or a long ball over 2 big fairway bunkers with a third ready to catch you out if you go too long. Ideal line is to the left of the first set of trees. Be wary of the practice ground! it is in play but will probably leave you the best shot into the green.

This hole is not called Mackenzie for nothing a two-tier green with heavy sloping to the front and a reverse slope at the back make par on this hole an added benefit to your round

Hole 17 – 392 yards Par 4

Aim for the water tower, but please be careful of the walkers as the yellow markers identify a public right of way so please give way to walkers. Bunkers to the right will catch a wayward drive as will anything to the left. Once your ready to hit your approach play the hole a little shorter than you think as the ball usually runs on as the green was relayed in 2006

Hole 18 – 351 yards Par 4

Get to the tee from the path at the back left of the 17th green as you walk towards Cleadon Tower. The medal tee offers one of the best visual tee shots in Tyneside with the mouth of the Tyne in the background behind the clubhouse with heavy gorse and OOB to the left you need a straight tee shot as there are also three fairway bunkers to the right ready to catch you out.

Line of site is the top left window of the clubhouse, as the green slopes heavily from right to left your approach will best be placed front right of the green. A birdie awaits to finish your round and the Bar is waiting ready to help you celebrate and relax.

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