Dress Code/Protocol




NO – Denim clothing

NO – Collarless shirts

NO – Rugby/Football shirts or shorts

 NO – Track suits

NO – Cargo trousers.  Knee length tailored shorts only

ALL shirts MUST be tucked into trousers/shorts

GOLF shoes must be worn

 All players must ensure this dress code is adhered to





It is the responsibility of members and visitors to present themselves in attire and footwear that are smart, clean, tidy and appropriate.

To avoid our dress code being abused, we have listed that which IS and that which is NOT acceptable:

 Denim jeans may be worn in the clubhouse but not on the golf course.

They must be clean, not ripped, torn or in a generally tattered/frayed/threadbare condition.

 Tracksuit trousers are NOT allowed.

 Football or Rugby shirts and shorts are NOT allowed.

 Golf Waterproofs are NOT allowed.

 Shirts MUST be tucked into trousers/shorts.

 Caps/Hats must NOT be worn.

 Golf Shoes worn on the course must NOT be worn in the clubhouse however, shoes MUST be worn at all times.

 Golf bags and other golf equipment are NOT allowed.

 Tailored shorts can be worn but only if cut to knee length.

Members and Non-members hiring our facilities for private functions

are NOT bound by the above stated dress code regulations.


Members Protocol

In South Shields Golf Club there is a Protocol between members and all employees of our Club that lies within Article 50 of our Memorandum of Articles and in Item 2.2 of our Bye-Laws. It states:

  • members must NOT approach directly any employees about their jobs or about the Club.

  • any complaints, questions, concerns and suggestions about such matters MUST be put in writing to the Secretary for the Committee to deal with.

The Committee are very concerned at a growing pattern of unreasonable actions and abusive conduct being directed at our staff from a minority of members, these include:
– aggressive verbal abuse – threatening gestures – sexist remarks

– unwarranted criticism of their work – being shouted at or humiliated – blamed without factual justification.

The Committee have a legal responsibility towards all of our staff.

Accordingly, members are strongly advised by the Committee that any such behaviour will be dealt with in future under Article 50 which could result in suspension of membership or expulsion from the Club. The Committee hope that the membership will realise that they intend to take a very tough stance on incidents of mistreatment of our staff or members.

There can be no excuse for members abusing our employees or vice-versa.

Copies of the Articles and Bye Laws are available from the office if required.


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